Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Todays little "poof" do

My hair is naturally VERY curly &thick. I am lucky enough to be able to pull off both looks ;) I straightened it yesterday so today I didn't have to do much to it.

I just used a little comb with close together bristles to tease at the root of my bangs to give it a little more volume, I combed the top of my bangs over it to shape it &smooth it out.

After I held it into place with a small black hair clip. (A small one is better to hold because a bigger one tends to loosten up and that way your hair falls out of it faster.)

Then I used two half size bobby pins to help the hold. I combed the excess hair down nice and sleek.

annnd waalaah!

Here's the "poof":

Here is the side view:

Full side view:

Yeah I look like I just woke-up. I'm really pale in the morning lol. Sorry about that.


  1. I love it .. it is impossible to do that on my hair, that is so thin pfuuuuuuuuu!

  2. My sister has very thin hair also, I can do hers, you just have to add alot of products to it, sometimes lol.